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Business Cards: Powerful Marketing Tool

The business card is designed to attract and set in motion the wheels of acquiring potential users of your product or services. It provides the first impressions about who you are and how you conduct your business. It is a small-sized marketing tool that packs a big punch.

Take a moment to consider the message your business card is sending to potential clients. Does it make a silent pitch for your company's products or services? Does it create a lasting memory in the customers mind? Bottom line: does it sell and not just provide contact information?

Most business cards contain basic information such as your name and address, contact numbers, logo, email address and website if you have any. All these information are important to the growth of your business as customers use them to contact you in case they need your products or services. Should there be no immediate need of your offerings, your customers would simply keep them for future use. The question now is what is the chance of customers to keep your business cards?

The answer is actually simple.  If your card is dull, uninteresting, and disorganized, then no one would be encouraged to keep your card. It is likely that your card would only end up in the garbage bin. This makes it important to produce business cards that maintain the excitement and interest of the customers.
 Maximize the effectiveness of your business card with these 7 tips:
Stand Out From the Others
A business card that stands out promises outstanding service. Vibrant colour, eye-catching graphics and attention-grabbing slogans all add up to a winning corporate image.
For maximum impact, carefully consider the elements of size, colour, content and style to bring out the best in your card. Enhancing a sizzling slogan with head-turning graphics and bold colours, for instance, is a surefire way to grab and hold your client's attention. Finally, ensure all wording is large enough to be read at a glance, even by those with poor eyesight
Getting Down To Business
Use the back of your business card for your mission statement, testimonials, brief biography, product description, or as a re-useable discount coupon.
Creating a Colourful Impression
Colour creates a strong visual impression, so it's important to choose the colour of your business card with care. First, be sure the colours you choose complement your business image. In the case of business professionals, gold, platinum and silver inks are your best bet, since these are both formal and elegant, while suggesting an air of success.
Consider using warm colours, such as burgundy, red and green, to create a warm and inviting business card. Cool colours like blue, teal and grey, on the other hand, should be avoided, since they make less of a visual impact. Likewise, avoid standard blue and black ink on a white background; while these colours may be considered "traditional," they may also be interpreted as a lack of imagination.
For best results, use at least two colours on your business card. A glossy sheen may also be added by highlighting your card with a special varnish; this service is available at most reputed printing companies. Never compromise on quality when it comes to your business image or it will come back to haunt you!
Make Sure Your Business Card is Worth Keeping. Low quality and unprofessional cards are the first to be trashed. Pull out your business card and ensure that it conforms to the following standards. First, a business card must 3.5" by 2." Anything larger will not fit in wallets or business card holders. The card itself must give the impression of professionalism. A card that is flimsy, has perforated edges, is boring, or has ink that smudges will convey an unprofessional image. A good business card is made of high quality paper, includes an image of the company logo, and is printed in an easy to read font. Finally, a business card must include every means possible to contact you, including your phone, email, fax, voice mail, and website.

Don't Leave Home without It
A high-quality business card is a vital part of any marketing kit. More than
simply a piece of paper to be filed, it is a visual statement that helps promote your business image among potential clients.
Give Your Card Away With a Two to Three Sentence "Commercial." As you hand a potential client your card, introduce yourself and your company. Explain what your company does and how it can benefit the client. An effective "commercial" will make someone want to keep your card handy.

Attach Your Card to Everything. Staple it to flyers and brochures that your company distributes. Include an extra copy in correspondence. Hand out your card with other marketing items with your contact information printed on them such as: pens, notepads, or mouse pads. Your best or most sought-after clients should have dozens of your cards around the office.

With these in mind, always carry plenty of cards with you wherever you go; you never know when the opportunity could arise to make a new business contact! Make it a habit to hand out your cards in pairs, so people can pass them on to their friends. Finally people remember a business much easier when they are exposed to its brand name repetitively through engaging products.
Business Card Marketing 101

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