Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Key to Success- Have a Daily Routine

One of my memorable achievements during my career as a Branch Manager was turning a loss making branch into a profit center. Looking back, one would ask, what did I do differently that gave these results? Daily Routine.
 Sales professionals and managers are always under constant pressure to deliver results. We all have the best of intentions and great plans but we normally fail to deliver because there wasn’t a system of execution to see them through. When it comes down to it, your new plans, your new actions, your new behavior, have to be implemented into your monthly, weekly and ultimately daily routine. A routine is something you do every day without fail… and eventually without thinking about it.
As a Branch Manager I had a monthly, weekly and daily routine .At the beginning of each month I would challenge each sales team member during the sales meeting to set their monthly sales target. I would then ask them to break the targets to weekly and daily targets. Boring as one of my colleagues would later come to tell me, I would hold daily sales meeting for 15 minutes to; align all team members to the Branch goals and get their commitments on the sales they will deliver by the end of that day. 
The success of turning the branch into a profit center was due to the routine I developed of daily focusing the team on the sales goals and actions to achieving them.
How do you remember to keep your teeth healthy, your ears clean, your skin hydrated, the kids’ homework done, etc. You have incorporated the daily behaviors into a routine.
Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do.”
Therefore to achieve your big goals and strategic plans, build a monthly, weekly and daily routine.

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