Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How to Make Your Marketing Message Meaningful

Are you having problems attracting   and connecting with prospects?  Do they seem to be uninterested in listening to you talk about your product or service?  You can change this by creating a message that resonates with the prospect. 
Your prospects are interested in what your product or service can do for them.
To connect with your prospects engage them, create something that people find is worthy of their time and attention, rather than continuing to look for ways to interrupt them.
Create marketing messages that improves people’s lives and adds value without necessarily forcing a sale.

You can talk about all of the features in your product, but will this resonate with your prospects? For example saying that: we have 50 offices globally, 8000 staff, the first to be ISO certified and many such like features make a nice list of features and your company has worked hard to build all of these features, but is your prospect impressed or interested in learning more about the company?  Your prospect listens to this or reads it and they are probably thinking “why should I buy from this company?”  Plus, in about 5 minutes they would have forgotten all of the information about the company, product or service.
 For your message to resonate and stick it must simply illustrate the benefit the prospect will receive. Be simple, I mean in as few words as possible.  Your prospects do not have attention spans that will enable them to work hard at understanding what you have to offer.  If you are asking your prospect to work hard at understanding the benefits of your product, you are losing most of them before they understand what you are selling. 
 All of this means you must develop a simple message that resonates with your prospects and makes it easy for them to understand the benefits they will receive from your product or service. 
 For the message to resonate it must:
  • Be simple
  • Be easy to understand
  • Be short (7 words or less)
  • Contain a benefit the prospect will receive
 You are aware of the current message Airtel is using to promote the new tariff (feelanga free).
It is simply:
 “1 BOB 6am to 6 pm daily”.
 If you make many calls in a day, this will resonate with you. 
 Let’s take a look at why this message will resonate with prospects and how it satisfies the four key points.
  • Be Simple - nothing cleaver or fancy just a very simple explanation of the price per minute.
  • Be Easy to Understand - between 6am and 6pm your call is charged I ksh.  As a result you are drawn to Airtel and want to use their services.
  • Be Short - this one is only 6 words.
  • Contain a Benefit the Prospect will receive - if you make many calls in a day, the thought of calling at 1 bob per minute is a huge benefit. 
I hope you can see the benefit of reducing your marketing message to a simple, short, easy to understand benefit.  If you do this I am confident you will find the people who are interested in your product faster.  Remember you do not want to spend a lot of time telling someone about all of the features in your product if they are not interested in it.  If your simple message resonates with someone they will ask about your product or service.
I challenge you to review your message and ask the question: will it resonate with my prospects?  If the answer is no, go to work on your message and create one that will resonate.

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