Monday, March 7, 2011

16 Entrepreneur Strategies for Successful Goal Achievement

1.      Set personal goals that are consistent with your purpose and business goals that are consistent with the business mission statement.
2.      Be specific. Know exactly what you want, but at the same time allow flexibility to change your goals as your life changes.
3.      Pledge yourself to attaining your goals .Do not adopt a wait-and –see attitude. Develop an action plan to lead  you to success
4.      Give yourself a deadline. You need something to shoot for. Otherwise your  goals will languish forever  in the back of your mind
5.      Break the goals down. A  big goal can be intimidating  so break it down into small steps
6.      Be wary of roadblocks. Obstacles can and will stand in the way of achieving your goals. Expect them and design a ‘Plan B’ to work through them.
7.      Make your goals a priority. When a friend calls you to do something and you really do not have the time, tell him/her that you are working on a major project right now.
8.      Be enthusiastic and have a positive attitude towards achieving your goals.
9.      Have both long term and short term goals. When you successfully reach your short term goals, they will motivate you to reach for the long term goals.
10.  Set no more than ten goals at a time. Any more than that will overwhelm you. When one goal has been realized, then add another.
11.  Review your goals regularly to revise or update them.
12.  Visualize success .Visualize yourself everyday as the CEO of your own business.
13.  Spend time everyday doing something towards your goals.
14.  Network with other entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs have goals similar to yours and can be a positive influence on you.
15.  Do not make all your goals materialistic. Balance out your business and financial goals with goals for self development and health.
16.  Keep your eyes on the prize. Continue to stay focused and remember not to lose sight of your goal.
Napoleon Hill's Keys to Success: The 17 Principles of Personal Achievement 

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