Saturday, March 19, 2011

Business Name Registration

Getting your business name registered is a key step in starting up your business. It is not as difficult as it used to be. This article will outline 5 simple business name registration steps.
1)      Go to the ‘Register of Companies’ within Sheria House compound along Harambee Avenue.
2)      Write a letter addressed to the Register of Companies .It should be a simple letter asking the Register to search for availability of at least 3 names you have picked. You will pay 100ksh at counter 1 for each name and then wait for 3 working days.
3)      After 3 working days go back to Sheria House to the Name Collection Counter. Show the attendant your name search receipt. If your name(s) are available you will be given an official letter confirming the same.
4)       The attendant will also give you form BN/2 .Fill in the form appropriately and hand it over with name registration fee of 800ksh.
5)      The registration process will take at least 10 working days after which you will collect your business registration certificate.
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