Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Big 5 Management Tips for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

The big 5 tips weekly post is as always full of advice and tips for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses owners.
1.      Attention to detail. Take charge of every aspect of the business .Get highly involved in the details from quality of product or service delivery, customer care to post-sale services. Close monitoring of the business activities helps you achieve the focus necessary for the big picture.  
2.      Take care of customers. Focus on building an ongoing business centered on long-term relationships with satisfied customers.
3.      Empower your employees .Delegate in order to free up your time to concentrate on the big picture. If you are too busy doing all the small detail work, your business will only grow so far.
4.      Offer quality products or services .Provide quality product or service with real value and present it in a quality way.
5.      Keep up with the times. In this fast changing and competitive business environment, standing still is the same as moving backwards. Be open to new ideas  and embrace the necessary changes
If you have additional management tips for entrepreneurs and small business owners, share them in the comments section below.

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