Monday, March 28, 2011

Determination - Lesson from Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison’s tenacity technique to overcome 10’000 failures.
Thomas Alva Edison used the art of determination to succeed. This great scientist was a great master strategist in overcoming failure. It is estimated that Edison fought through ten thousand setbacks before perfecting the electric light. Whenever he encountered a problem, he would lie down and take a cat nap. Rising a short time later, he would eliminate his previous approach to the problem and try a new one. If this proved unsuccessful, Edison would repeat the procedure. He worked relentlessly on overcoming the problem at hand, believing that each failure would bring him much closer to success. The more failures, believed Edison, the more he learned what not to do the next time.
One of Edison’s greatest setbacks was the loss of his prized laboratory worth millions of dollars when the building was gutted by fire. Important notes were burned and valuable equipment destroyed. Added to this, Edison had no insurance on the building. It was felt the shock would be too much for him when informed of the catastrophe.
Not Edison, “We will start rebuilding tomorrow”, was his courageous reply.
Edison possessed bulldog tenacity: he hung on, he persevered until he won.
Determination is essential if you wish to succeed in business.
Napoleon remarked, “Victory belongs to the most preserving”.
Decide right now to use every setback as a stepping stone to a subsequent success.

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