Friday, March 4, 2011

How to Discover Your Ideal Business

Doing something you love and not having to answer to anyone but YOU! What could be better? Having meaningful work is basic to living an exciting and fulfilled life, but for many of us, work means a dead end job with little connection to who we are and what matters to us.
The idea of starting a business is the dream of many people who work 9 to 5.The key, nonetheless, is finding a business to suit your lifestyle and personality .The business that will bring you professional and personal happiness.
To discover the business you want to start, ask yourself: What do I love to do?
Write down specifically what you want to accomplish in your life.
Write down your financial dream.
Write down your fun dream.
Write down your spiritual dream.
Write down your family dream.
Once you have completed this task, design a business that will make you happy.
List your strengths/weaknesses.
List your favorite activity.
List the skills and tools you have today that can help you earn money.
Do you make decisions quickly?
Choose the phrase that best describes you;
a) Not afraid to take risks.
b) Willing to take some risks.
c) Not willing to take any risks.
Now that you have completed both the above exercises you are one step closer to finding out what you love to do. Based on your answers write down five businesses you would consider starting.
When selecting the business, it is important to look for the trends in the market place that may affect your selected business and also assess its potential for success.
 For each business you are considering, ask yourself the following questions: What is the Start up cost, what is the income potential, what is the growth potential and market appeal,
These questions are food for thought and will help you evaluate your business choice and expectations.
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