Thursday, March 17, 2011

9 Important Traits Entrepreneurs you need to have to Succeed.

1. Secure in Self. An extremely necessary trait that an entrepreneur requires is being secure in him / herself. This trait must be carried inside ones head and outside in ones demeanor for the public to see. No one else will have confidence in you unless you do. An uncertain, apprehensive person will not make it in anything. Successful entrepreneurs move without self doubt to face new challenges with enthusiasm and a secure feeling of adequacy.
2. In Control of Attitude. Your success in life and in business is dependent more on your mental attitude than your mental capabilities. Your attitude shapes who you become. Optimism is a dominant trait in the most successful people in business.

3. Tenacious. Keep going until something stops you, and then keep going. Tenacity is not giving up when everybody else says you should. It is keeping on your path even if you feel in your heart you might get pushed back or your journey goes slower than you thought. Accomplishing things worthwhile takes time.
4. Continuously Improving. Continuously improving means learning. Business has become very competitive and to succeed you have got to get better and better. Successful entrepreneurs seem to be in an improvement mode where they are continuously watching, talking, and listening to do things better and then doing things better.
5. Honest and Ethical. Honesty is truth, integrity, being genuine, equitable, fair and frank .It implies an absence of fraud, deceit, artifice and deception. Integrity and honesty go together. Try to be persistent in what you say, think and do. People will notice and distinguish you from those less consistent, believe you, want you to succeed and maybe even help you.
6. Detail Oriented. It is critical to be aware of details, both the ones you put out as well as what others do. Unless you are alert at all times as much as possible about what is going on around you, you will miss important signals and lack focus. These signals can be found in details-the details most ignored too frequently. Being detail oriented does not mean nit-picking. It means being specific, taking full responsibility for outcomes. It does not mean being immersed in small things that you loss the big scene.
7. Inquisitive. One of the single most effective traits that good entrepreneurs use is curiosity. To be successful you have to be the one initiating the questions, getting answers and really hearing the answers. If you stop inquiring, you will stop growing.
8. Competitive. Life is by its nature, a competitive environment and certainly business life is a constant contest. You have to have a certain amount of competitive nature to thrive in it.
9. Flexible. Entrepreneurs are flexible people. Flexible does not mean wishy- washy or undisciplined. Flexible means they are not rigid. People who can and will modify their responses to new circumstances are better suited to deal with anything new.
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