Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Top 4 Traits for Success in Business

They are the driving force behind your business’s ability to make money. They pay the bills. What are these four traits of success?
Attitude, Ambition Assertiveness and Action are the raw materials that make your business a success. Alone, however, any one or two of the four traits are generally insufficient to create a successful entrepreneur. Put together, the four traits are a force to reckon.
Yes, you can program yourself to become a successful entrepreneur. You first begin with your attitude. Many of us undermine our chances for success by getting stuck in old negative thinking habits.
But the good news is that positive thinking habits are easily formed and once they are set in our minds we will find ourselves taking faster steps towards our goals and building success upon success in our business. Positive thinking helps you notice opportunities and seize them.
Stay away from negative people for they are contagious. Nothing can pull you down faster than a person who tells you that, ‘starting your own business is risky and you will go broke’
Whenever you go against the grain, there is no shortage of people ready to put a spell or curse on your potential success. So an important step in getting what you want is consciously to surround yourself with people who are positive.
Desire, Determination, Drive …Ambition .Do you have the burning desire to start your own business? Are you so hungry for it you can virtually taste it? Are you willing to place all your energy, willpower and effort behind your goal of becoming an entrepreneur? These are thought provoking questions you need to ask yourself to determine if you have the ambition to run your own business. 
Being assertive is essential for any entrepreneur to succeed in business. Assertiveness alone is like attitude or ambition alone and it is not enough. Many people are assertive but accomplish nothing. Guts without goals or guts without self confidence usually lead to mean spirited entrepreneurs. However when assertiveness combines with ambition and a positive mental attitude a powerful trio exists and there emerges the entrepreneur with a can -do spirit, unwavering focus and the guts to tread where other tiptoe.
Ask yourself, Am I a self starter? Will I follow through on the steps I need to take to become an entrepreneur? Am I a person who can get results or I am just a talker?
All these questions have one aim: to find out if you are person of action. The most important trait an entrepreneur must have is the ability to take action. Having an excellent idea for your business is not enough. Millions of us toy with ideas .We toy but do not try, or we do not try long enough to get the payoff.
The entrepreneurs who live their dreams are those who stop considering all angles, weighing the pros and cons, and just go and do it. They understand that they can daydream about making more money, but if they are not willing to stick their necks out and set things in motion, becoming financially empowered through their own efforts is an elusive dream. They may not always be ‘in the mood ‘when they begin, but they do it anyway. They know that without action there is no change. Without change there is no excitement .Without excitement life becomes dull and monotonous and we become boring.
These four traits are the prerequisites for success in your own business, but you do not need all of them in full supply before you begin. Right now, make up your mind to turn your idea into a business .Give your idea value by immediately acting on it. Regardless of how good the idea is, unless you do something with it you get absolutely nowhere.

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