Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Customer Care: Handling Customer Complaints

As small businesses begin to realize rapid growth and expansion, you may have realized that there is also an increase in the number of complaints from the Clients and an indifferent attitude of the employees towards customers, which in the long run, affects the business and the reputation of the company. 
The most common complaints from the Clients are usually:-- 
·        Apathy, which is the lack of emotions, motivation and concern.
·        Passing the buck.
·        Employees hiding behind company policies & procedures.
·        Customers being given a cold shoulder reception and treatment.
·        Brushing off the issues or observations the customer has raised.
·        Rudeness.
·        Unresponsiveness of the company employees.
·        Clients being given wrong information.
·        Replies being stereotyped  and
·        Clients not being attended to and their telephone calls being ignored.
These complaints are especially more common after a customer has bought a product or service. 
      A quick glance at the top five reasons why the Clients are lost reveals that;15% are dissatisfied Clients,13 % prefer the competition,3 % move away,1% die, and 68 % leave because they were treated with indifference.  
It is therefore necessary for you as an entrepreneur, to educate your staff to provide quality service to your valued Clients. 
Changing the employee attitudes and providing best in class service is very simple. Train your employees and self to;
·        Show genuine concern to the client’s needs
·        Apologize for genuine wrong doings
·        Fix the problem
·        Keep promises made.
·        Thank the customer.
·        If possible offer atonement (ask for forgiveness) and
·        Do follow ups after sales. 
As the saying goes; it is better to prevent than to treat, try to avoid the complaint before they come up. This you can by;
·        Looking for clues.
·        Interpreting the messages.
·        Sensing the moods.
·        Talking to the Client and not at him (win--win situation) and
·        Addressing the issue. 
To achieve quality service, you need to educate your staff to be professionally sound and also improve their personal skills. Personal skills play an important role in achieving quality service. You and your employees need to be cordial and respectful. Customer care is not a department but an attitude. 
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