Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Top 2 Fantastic Ways to Make Money Online

 From my experience, there are two fantastic ways to make money online through your blog or website. They are, affiliate marketing and direct advertisers (sponsors).
Affiliate marketing is selling the services or products of another company or person in exchange for a commission for each sale. For instance, if you sell a service that costs $44 and has a 50% affiliate program you will receive $22 commission per sale. All you need to do is that each time you are recommending the products or services, just simply direct people through your affiliate link. The beauty of affiliate marketing is that, you only have to drive traffic. When people buy, you make your money.
Note: In choosing an affiliate program, promote an affiliate program that offers a subscription service. This means that the person who has purchased the service has to pay recurring monthly fee to continue getting the service. You as the affiliate will continue to receive part of whatever they pay as long as this person you referred continues to make regular payments.
There are many subscription products and services online, look around to find what fits in your niche. To give an example, I subscribe to and recommend   AWeber email marketing tool for managing emails and list building. As an auto responder, AWeber is an invaluable and effective way to follow up with anyone who has requested to receive information from me by email. I also use and recommend Tweet adder  as a way to get more followers instantly and also fully automate your twitter account.
AWeber and Tweet Adder charge a monthly fee to use their service and I am both an affiliate and a customer of their services. Each time someone comes to my blog or website, clicks my affiliate link recommending AWeber and Tweet Adder and signs up to a monthly plan, I receive a commission every month for the lifetime that person remains a customer of AWeber and Tweet Adder. Currently, from these two programs alone I earn around 300$ per month and they are growing. To get started in making money online, click AWeber  and Tweet Adder  for more information.
Direct Advertisers or getting sponsors is the other very good way of making money online.
Deliberately solicit sponsors who pay money to place their banners on your site. Charge a monthly flat fee for the space .This makes collection of payment easier. To attract advertisers you have to work on making your site an authority in your niche with a solid traffic and a good Alexa rank.

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