Thursday, June 30, 2011

Problem Solving Technique for Entrepreneurs

Here is some good news. There is no problem on the face of this earth that does not have a solution. Every problem known to man has been solved a thousand and one times by a thousand and one others. Even though your problem may seem unique to you, others have experienced and solved it. There is a way out and you are smarter than you have ever imagined. Your brainpower and creative ability have the ability to produce a solution to any problem.
Concealed within each problem, is a hidden truth.
Once this truth of this situation is discovered, the answer is revealed. To reveal the answer three factors must be present; intensely desired goals, pressing problem and a focused question. The more  you focus  your mind  on achieving your goals ,solving your problems or answering  the tough questions about your business  the smarter you become at  unlocking  the door to the perfect solution.
Too many people get in their own way when attempting to solve problems.They cloud the situation with too many negative aspects. This continual thinking of the negative outcome of the problem only enlarges it. Stop thinking of the trouble. Focus your attention on the solution you want.
When a problem arises that involves your business or personal  matter, get a quiet place where you can relax. Take a clean sheet of paper and write your most pressing problem at the top in the form of a question. For example, you could write, ‘How can I increase my sales by 10% over the next 6 months?
Next, write at least 20 different answers to your question. Choose one of your answers and take action on it immediately.
Whenever problems require solving, focus on the solutions.
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