Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Setting and Reaching Goals-Tips for Achieving Your Goals

As an entrepreneur, what do you expect to get out of owning your own business? Do you want to be rich and famous or do you simply want to bring in more money each month to pay extra bills? You must get specific and know exactly what it is you want .How do you find out?
Well you should know your purpose and what you are passionate about. Then write down your goals. As you identify these goals, ensure that they consist of the following six components to attain success:

1.      The goal should be in line with your purpose and your business mission statement. When you set goals  with these in mind ,you have a better understanding  of what  you want, both in your conscious mind  and your subconscious  mind .Once your mind is specifically geared toward a certain target, it will  do everything  in its power to help you reach it. Because your mind knows exactly what you want, it is drawn to people and opportunities that will help you .You will also find that when you set goals with your purpose in mind, opportunities and people will suddenly appear out of nowhere to help you reach them.
2.      To succeed at goal setting you must be specific. If you want to start a business this year, do not just say, ‘My goal is to start a business this year.’ Write down everything about the business you can think of .Know the type of product or service you will offer. Its colour and price. How many employees you want your company to have. Break it down to detail so you know exactly what you will be aiming for. Your mind can work wonders. It will do whatever you command it to do. If you tell it that your goal is to start the business it will do everything in its power to help you start the business. If however you send it mixed messages that  you want  the business and yet there are all these  reasons why you cannot  do  it, your mind will work overtime to provide  you with all the excuses in the world  why  you cannot  start the business. Basically your mind will do whatever you tell it to do. So use this powerful machine to your advantage and tell it your specific objectives. Just watch how quickly your goals will materialize.
3.      Off course just be realistic. Do not expect to become a millionaire after only one year in business. Yes it could happen. But chances are slim. By setting reasonable goals, you are more likely to stick with them.
4.      The goals must be achievable. Do not set yourself up for failure by naming goals no one could realistically achieve.
5.      Ask yourself whether you are willing to make the necessary sacrifices. If you are not forget about achieving your goals. You will not be successful. It takes working smart and delaying gratification. You have to be committed.
6.      Your goals must be measurable. You need to set goals that will allow you to check your progress toward them. For your intangible  goals set  up a  scale  to track your progress by time ,income or some other  appropriate measure, such as the number of new customers your business acquires over the course of a year.
I d love to hear your feedback as comment replies. Thanks for reading.
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