Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How to Motivate Employees to be More Productive

To any entrepreneur or organization, your employees are the most valuable assets and thus understanding how to motivate them is essential for your success. In this post I will highlight 10 ways to motivate your employees to be more productive.

1.      Recognition-when your employee does something good or performs a task well praise them on the spot preferably in public.  This will boost their self esteem and confidence in the work they do.  However, remember, always criticize or correct in private, to avoid lowering their self esteem, public ridicule or intimidation.
2.      Appreciate- You can have a corporate culture of recognizing employees on their birthdays and weddings. Employees will likely appreciate the attention being paid to their job satisfaction, a factor which will often be seen in their productivity and performance.
3.      Fair compensation -One of the most traditional and commonly used tactics for increasing employee satisfaction and retention is giving a competitive compensation packages.
This can involve raises, overtime rates, bonuses, or enhanced benefits such as high pension contributions, transportation allowance and health insurance. These enhance employee loyalty, self esteem and self initiative.  Therefore, they will no reason to leave a place where their basic needs, self esteem needs and association needs are attended to.
4.      Training -provide training to your employees to enable them perform at their best.  Once an employee has an edge over their compatriots, they will want to display it in the presence of those who are less informed.  This undoubtedly will increase productivity and profitability of the company in the long run.
5.      Explain reward system-clearly explains to your employee which behaviours are encouraged and how one is rewarded .This clarity reinforces focus.  Ambiguity is a good ground for strife and demotivation.  Avoid it at all costs.
6.      Team Spirit- research shows that people like working in teams and will go out of their way to make their teams win. Also assure your employees that you are also a team player and that you are available help if when need arises.  Team spirit creates positive competitiveness and cohesiveness.
7.      Teach employees to measure their own success - ask employees for information about their performance. This creates responsibility and accountability
8.      Use competition as a motivator-to motivate your employees to be more productive, create a competitive environment within your workplace. Have contest among the employees and reward those who perform well. You could promote the doers. Competition is a good thing for their personal and professional growth and also the growth of your business.
9.      Leadership roles - show your employees that you have confidence in them by delegating more responsibilities to them. Give them ample time and room to carry out the delegated work.  Avoid over-supervising as this will have the opposite effect.  Once the delegated work is complete, go through it with the delegatee to assess the level of performance. Commend for work well done, and give recommendations to correct errors.
10.  Good work environment-create a conducive environment for your employees to perform at their best. Do not create unnecessary rules that kill enthusiasm. Create a climate of trust and open communication where employee can come to you with their problems. For this to work well you must have given them responsibilities and let them be willing to accept their mistakes and take responsibility. Provide the requisite resources within the required time so that work flow is enhanced.  These include machines, stationery, protective gear, funds, furniture etc.
There are many more ways to motivate your employees to be more productive. Please share your experience in the comment section below.
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