Monday, October 29, 2012

Entrepreneurship: It is all about the mindset

For a long time in our country we have been lamenting on the high rate of unemployment among the thousands of graduates that Kenyan university’s and colleges churn out every year. Yet these graduates are highly skilled and knowledgeable in various fields like information communication and technology, business and other technical areas which can provides profitable solutions to the many problems be-deviling our society.
Various suggestions have been offered in attempts to address this scenario though some have been too simplistic like
telling the unemployed to start small business after “tarmarking” for years and giving two day workshops on entrepreneurship. The Kenyan Government in its vision to develop Kenya into a middle income country by 2030 has the ambitious goal of creating 500,000 jobs per year. But if these jobs are going to be created then it is the entrepreneurs who will have to create businesses that will create jobs and wealth for themselves and the country.
The main challenge though is that these young Kenyans have been programmed since their early school to work hard in school go to college/university and then seek employment with some big corporate. This is how they have been taught to view success and make money. They only seek to be entrepreneurs once they fail to get employment.
Objectively speaking, there is nothing wrong about seeking employment after graduating. The issue is we need more Kenyans who are enterprising and creating business. The national curriculum needs to focus on how to develop the entrepreneurial mindset and perspectives from kindergarten to university and colleges.  This will train them to be able to have the enterprise thinking.
In short, entrepreneurship is not about information; it's about perspective.
Some call it "mindset."
No matter how many examples we give of entrepreneurs and people who are “self made entrepreneurs”, it's important that we train our future entrepreneurs on how to think creatively and innovatively.
What is a truly entrepreneurial mindset?
If one is thinking of being an entrepreneur, one must think of which college or university that will equip one with the right mindset that empowers one to be a problem-solver, creative and innovative. One needs to be trained to see the concerns that are challenging to the society and what solutions can one find with the help of the skills they have acquired in the university or college.
Entrepreneurship should not be the last option after failing to get a job or employment .It should be the option if you want to have a job and create wealth.

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