Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What makes a Great Leader in today’s business world

1.      Great leadership is not about command and control. Great leaders attract the best and brightest people and create an environment where they use their intelligence and judgment to act independently.
2.      Great Leaders never need to announce how good they are at the job. Effective leadership bubbles up through the mood of a company’s employees and the vibe of the brand.
3.      Today’s great leaders understand that they do not own their company’s success. Great leaders know that success belongs to the whole team.
4.      Great leaders create a culture of openness .If you want to be trusted, you have to trust first. If you do this you will be betrayed sometimes. But the value of trusting is greater than the cost of being betrayed sometimes.
5.      Great leaders create a workplace culture that enables the employees and the company to excel.

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