Welcome. I am the author of Entrepreneur:Strategies to grow business. I am a  Business Consultant,Strategist and Blogger with a passion for making entrepreneurs effective and efficient in the areas of business growth and successful strategy execution.
I have extensive training and  experience in  marketing and management  as well as  an MBA in strategic management.

Core Values & Belief
·        Excellence in execution 
 Giving and Teaching            
·         Lifelong Learning                  
·         Integrity and Hard work      
·         Freedom                                 
·         Goal Oriented                       
·         Faith and Spirituality
·         Adventure
·         Compassion
·         Beauty
·         Comfort
My purpose is to assist entrepreneurs start successfully in business and thrive, thus creating wealth.
Dedicate myself to constantly create content to assist, DAILY, 20 000 entrepreneurs in starting and thriving in business. This only.  This all the time.
Through the content I produce, business start ups will live to celebrate their fifth (5) birthday and many more anniversaries.

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